Products and pricing

Here you will find examples of embroidery and products. Embroidery and the choice of the product is customization! It is therefore difficult to give standard prices. I prefer to do a quotation as desired. These wishes have to do with quality, choice of the product and with the possibilities of embroidery. I would be happy to advise you to come to an appropriate offer together. Only text or a name embroidery is usually cheaper than embroidering logos. An embroidery pattern must be made out of the logos. I do this in my own design studio and is charged a one-time fee. This design is than saved and I can use it for all your embroidery without additional cost.

Embroidery prices themselves depend on the number of stitches, the size and how long the embroidery machine is working.

I would like to make a customised quotation as desired.

Send me your logo (digital file preferably a jpeg or esp), text, font or ideas with the number of colors and sizes and where you would like to see them. Indicate how many pieces are involved.

I embroider and care a single piece with just as much fun as multiple pieces or larger numbers.

On request I can make a test boarding, but there are costs involved. You can drop by or I will send it to you. You will soon find a number of products with prices in our webshop. I would also like to refer you to our terms and conditions